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Good Beer Hunting

Mar 20, 2020

Welcome to this special series of the GBH Collective podcast, where we’ll be checking in with members of our global team to keep you updated on unfolding events surrounding COVID-19. I’m Ashley Rodriguez.

If you have an iPhone, it probably tells you how many hours per day you’ve looked at your screen. According to my phone, my screentime has been up 63%—and I’m sure I’m not alone. I’m doubly sure most of us are looking at articles that make us feel a sense of dread as opposed to providing comfort.

In this check-in, I wanted to talk to our team about the bright spots: the ways that folks have come together, the ways that communities have brainstormed creative solutions—anything that makes us feel better in this weird time. I catch up with Jim Plachy first, who is the community manager of the Fervent Few, our subscriber-based beer community. Then we jump to Jonny Garrett, one of our U.K.-based GBH contributors. He has been searching for small optimistic episodes within the pandemic—and offers some hot tips for folks who suddenly find themselves at home for the foreseeable with their partners and spouses.

This is the Good Beer Hunting Collective podcast. Listen in.