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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 8, 2022

This statement shouldn’t come as a surprise: Beer is agriculture. With ingredients that come from the ground there are so many ways a region, climate, and growing practices can impact the flavors of our beer. And in this episode, we learn a bit about how something like craft malt can make a difference for a brewer trying to not only offer something that tastes unique, but brings story and connection to the earth and people.

Liz Preston is an owner, farmer, brewer, and chef at Prestonrose Farm and Brewing in Paris, Arkansas, so you can imagine her understanding and appreciation for all things agriculture runs through everything she does. Along with hearing a little about her background as a scientist and lab manager, you’ll gain an appreciation for the ways Liz considers the nuance and importance of farming and the way that moves from the people who grow something from the ground to an ingredient used to make her beer. You’ll also gain a better understanding for what it takes to create beer in the South during a time when temperatures are a little bit hotter, rain can be slightly more sparse, and climate change impacts the way Liz thinks about the cycle of what we grow and how.

In this conversation you’ll hear about what it takes to grow a brewery in Arkansas and what it’s like being part of an in-state industry that’s working to change perceptions of what beer can be.