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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 10, 2021

Every now and then, I get to host an episode where the conversation has very little to do with beer or other kinds of beverage alcohol. This is another one of those opportunities as we hear from Hoby Wedler, an organic chemist with a Ph.D. from UC-Davis, an entrepreneur, teacher, and genuinely positive guy. If I had my way, I’d likely put that last description first for sake of what Hoby radiates out into the world.

He was recently named to Wine Enthusiast’s “40 Under 40 Tastemakers” for his work in wine research and education, which is where you may have come across his name, but Hoby has been recognized many times for the contributions he’s made to science and beverage. He’s been blind since birth and as a sensory expert, regularly takes others on journeys through their own imagination to more fully appreciate what each of their senses can provide and help them discover. You’ll hear in our conversation why this matters and the richness it brings Hoby and those he meets.

This is not an episode about beverage alcohol, although we do talk a bit about wine. It’s more an exploration of happiness and not just existing in the world around us, but finding excuses to be consumed by it in the best ways. So whether or not you’ve heard of Hoby or heard him talk, I invite you to join us, consider what makes these next moments great for you, and experience today’s sounds and tastes a little bit differently, with a little more adventure, and a lot more positivity.

This is Hoby Wedler, chemist, sensory expert, and entrepreneur.