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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 25, 2023

Representation in beer matters for everyone—the more people means more ideas means better experiences—but as you’ll soon hear, it holds particular weight for Ruvani de Silva. She’s the journalist behind one of Good Beer Hunting's Next Germination stories—a series produced in partnership with Guinness—that focused on a diverse group of women who showcase breweries and the beer community in Utah.

Ruvani will provide you with the background and a proper introduction, but here’s a sample of Ruvani’s writing that helps set the stage for what to expect in her story and what you’ll experience in this podcast.

In her profile, Ruvani writes of the Brown Gradient Beer Wenches: “The energy the foursome exudes as a group is visible; it reminds me of the electric sparks of a band delivering a set so tight the members’ connection feels telepathic …They are luminous in each other’s presence—and they know it.”

We hope these conversations offer a little extra light for you, too.