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Good Beer Hunting

Jan 14, 2023

One of the wonderful and unique things about food and beverage is the ability to transcend time. Something with a long history and personal past can be made and shared today, connecting points in time in ways we never might have expected. In one of Good Beer Hunting's Next Germination stories—a series produced in partnership with Guinness—reporting from Anna Sulan Masing plays the part of time machine. For her piece, "A Land of Rice and History," she traces the background and cultural connections of tuak, a drink brewed from rice native to Malaysia.

Tuak is rooted in ritual and memory and in this episode, you'll hear from Anna, the people making tuak lovingly referred to as "aunties," and business leaders trying to find ways to expand understanding of tuak and the opportunities for modern drinkers to enjoy it. We start with something that goes back into Anna's own background and highlights what can be next for herself and others.