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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 17, 2023

Back in 2019, my husband and I traveled to Cuba, and as part of our entry into the country, we had to book a cultural experience. We chose a tour around the city of Havana, visiting different local spots while learning about the history and present day struggles of the country. Our tour ended at our guide's grandmother's house, where she served us rum and coffee. It was a beautiful experience that encouraged me to continue to get off the beaten path whenever I travel.

My friends Sara and Sam Kazmer champion getting off the beaten path. The couple met at a bar while traveling in Florence, Italy, so it's no surprise that seeing the world has become part of their lives and business. Since then, Sara and Sam have visited several continents  before opening Elsewhere Brewing in Atlanta in 2020. You can hear all about their story in episode 298 of this podcast

In this episode, we talk about their recent trip to Patagonia, Argentina, where they led a group of people with their friend, Richard, as a guide. After reading a post on Instagram from Sara recapping the trip, I knew I had to have her and Sam on the podcast to share their experience. 

You'll hear them talk about why it's important to create trips that allow them to connect to people and culture in a deeper way. They also aren't shy about sharing the difficulties of balancing their duties as hosts with the desire to disconnect and recharge or how a language barrier and fluctuating inflation made planning this trip much harder than they anticipated. Stay tuned to the end where they divulge their next destination, which sounds like a dream.