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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 8, 2016

This week’s episode features one of Chicagoland’s newest production breweries—Miskatonic in Darien, Illinois.  My first memory of these guys was sitting at Owen & Engine, an English-inspired bar on Western Avenue that routinely puts together a great list. Scanning down through it, I noticed a name I’d didn’t recognize, and next to it, a simple, refreshing style designator—“Mild.” Now, I fully admit that, as someone who drinks for a living, I’m in a bit of a bubble at times. But I was thrilled to see that word. You may recall from way back in episode 4, Mark Spence and I complained that there were no English Milds being made in Chicago. And making a beer like that close to home is critical—it’s not going to export across the Atlantic all that well.  So when I saw a start-up in Chicago brewing a Mild out of the gate, I was all over it. And it was great. Delicate, slightly toasty, a tad bitter, balanced by a malt character that finished dry. It’s a perfect beer. A perfect style, really.  But that Mild, as memorable as it was for me, was less about a style that Miskatonic was keen on, and more of an approach to every style they brew. Subtle, balance, delicacy—this is what I’ve come to know them as.   And this past year, GBH was lucky enough to work with them as well, helping them get their story straight and their message ready for market as they entered with cans for the first time, introducing themselves to thousands of new customers.  So here we are, two months into packaged product on the shelves. It’s a perfect time to ask them how it’s going—and how they got here.