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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 23, 2020

As many of you know, we’re in the midst of Uppers & Downers week here in Chicago, celebrating more than five years of our coffee and beer culture collaboration between myself, Michael Kiser, and world barista champion Stephen Morrissey. This year’s festival promises to be our best yet, with about 25 different coffee beer collaborations, a dozen different roasters pulling their best espresso shots from all over the country and showcasing the breadth of their lineup beyond espresso. So yes, you’ll have incredible espresso brewed on our professional consumer machines courtesy of La Marzocco Home, but each of our dozen roasters has been invited to prepare any drink they want – brewed coffee, cold brew, nitro, cortado’s, romano’s, etc.

We’re also working with the folks at Cruz Blanca, Guinness, Goose Island, and Powers Whiskey to produce Case Studies, a series of tasting experiences where brewers and roasters work together to push the boundaries of what possible. Every year, our Case Study partners come up with wild and exciting ideas, sensory explorations that bring you beyond just beer and coffee. When we think these folks can’t do anything more, they continue to raise the bar.

To give you an idea of what’s in store this weekend, here’s a sneak peek episode. You can learn more here.