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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 19, 2023

The latest beer news, product developments, and what constitutes a “five-alarm fire” for distributors—at least, according to distributors.

It’s all here in The Gist, a new Good Beer Hunting podcast with Kate Bernot and Beth Demmon, where you’ll get a breakdown of why the latest happenings in beer matter and the context around it all.

This bite-sized show gives listeners quick, quippy, and expert insight into the big stories happening in the U.S. beer scene and beyond. Join Beth and Kate every other week for colorful commentary and delightful debate from two of your favorite and familiar GBH voices.For our first episode, Beth and Kate unpack:

  • Distributors’ fears about beer’s decline (and if those fears are a tad sensationalistic—hint, they are, according to Beth)

  • Why inviting new consumers from overlooked communities is no longer a moral imperative (it’s a financial one too),

  • How Gen Z is redefining the entire drinks category through Clip Art-esque products. Will it work? Who knows!