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Good Beer Hunting

Apr 1, 2023

The question at the center of this episode is simple: Does hard cider have a problem or an opportunity? The answer may be a little bit of both, with your own perspective making the glass of Angry Orchard or 2 Towns or Hudson North slightly more than half empty or half full. So, while we may not have clear-cut answers by the end of the episode, you will hear from a few different perspectives about this challenging and hopeful and evolving time for American cider.

To explore all this, you’ll hear from some great voices. In part one, we chat with Ryan Burk, a long time American cider pro who started out at Michigan’s Virtue Cider before spending years as head cider maker for Angry Orchard, the largest cider company in the country. He now leads formulation and sensory strategy for Feel Goods, Good Beer Hunting’s parent company that’s a full-definition studio that builds beverage brands. (Ryan is also a colleague of mine at Feel Goods, where I work as an analyst.)

After we set the stage with Ryan, we travel to Chicago for a conversation with Good Beer Hunting contributors Ruvani de Silva and Beth Demmon. The three of us were in attendance at this year’s American Cider Association conference and gathered for our own reflections on the state of cider and what we started to see and hear on our first day at the event.