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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 18, 2021

Back in the summer of 2018, Good Beer Hunting readers were introduced to a name that stuck with me for years: David Jernigan. He’s one of the country’s leading researchers in the area of alcohol use and policy and at the time, was acting as an expert for a government task force in Maryland looking at potential alcohol reforms. In reporting for Sightlines, his name was mentioned by sources who also said words like “prohibition” or “temperance.”

That connection will make better sense to you after this conversation with Sightlines reporter Kate Bernot, who explains how a modern academic is seen by some to have a connection to a generations-old movement to limit Americans’ choice in how and when they consume alcohol. From Jernigan’s point of view, however, he’s simply using his research and platform to lead studies that might encourage greater responsibility toward ourselves and others.

In Kate’s profile of Jernigan and his work, which you can read on Good Beer Hunting, she shares how Jernigan has worked for decades to impact government decision making while potentially stretching research beyond clear conclusions to earn attention from media and politicians.

Who is David Jernigan and why should you care? Let’s find out.