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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 1, 2021

Over the past several months, Good Beer Hunting reporter Kate Bernot has been at the forefront of covering allegations of sexual harassment, bullying, and unsafe working conditions at Mikkeller, a Denmark-based brewery with bars and brewpubs all over the world, including a prominent location in San Diego. Kate’s coverage has included stories on protests at the brewery’s Copenhagen headquarters and stories from former employees who alleged instances of inappropriate workplace behavior and silence from leadership. Most recently, Kate has written about how these previous storylines came together ahead of the company’s Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen, one of the most prestigious beer festivals in the world, from which dozens of breweries withdrew in opposition, and eventually garnered an apology from Mikkeller.

In this conversation, Kate will recap all this and more, and give you insight into what it’s been like to report on an evolving story. This is an opportunity to better understand what it takes to write about all of what’s happened to, with, and toward Mikkeller since this summer, and get a better understanding of the context behind it all.