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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 21, 2017

Today’s episode is part of a series of talks we recorded at the Shelton Brothers festival back in August in Atlanta — a phenomenal gathering of some of the best brewers in the world, as well as a few niche cider and wine makers, all holding their own in one of the most diverse and interesting product portfolios that’s ever been assembled. 

The folks from Shelton Brothers gave us a room, and free rein to curate talks with anyone we wanted, on any topics we wished. 

It’s a somewhat speedy series of interviews, much shorter than you’re used to on GBH, and that’s because we wanted to see if a series of topics might emerge — a pattern of sorts, that might give us an indication of what’s on people’s minds at this point in time, in this particular portfolio of producers. And sure enough, it worked. 

On a few of these episodes, other folks from GBH drop in from time to time as well, so you’ll also here from Blake Tyers and Kyle Kastranec