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Good Beer Hunting

May 7, 2020

This is GBH Out Loud, and I’m Ashley Rodriguez. Today, you’ll hear Mark Spence read the sixth entry of his blog, Beer is Offal, called “Stage Three Anger,” published on Good Beer Hunting on February 21, 2020.

There’s a shift in this entry of Beer is Offal. It’s an abrupt reminder that there is a person behind this blog, living this life in real-time. In this piece, Mark reflects on the death of his cousin, and the factors that contributed to his early death. This isn’t a collection of lessons learned, or a neat summary of an experience with a nicely-tied bow to punctuate it. It’s a journey in motion, a particular moment in Mark’s life where grief and fury mix.

This is Mark Spence reading an entry of his blog, Beer is Offal, called “Stage Three Anger.” Listen in.