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Good Beer Hunting

Apr 21, 2020

This is GBH Out Loud, and I’m Ashley Rodriguez. Today, you’ll hear Mark Spence read an entry of his blog, Beer is Offal, called “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” published on Good Beer Hunting on January 16, 2020.

What do love and chicken have to do with one another? You might not think a lot, but as Mark illustrates, what we love most about food—making new things, tweaking a recipe, making a small change and seeing new results—doesn’t always apply to the way we interact with others. The analogies and ties we find to our personal lives and the world around us—the way we cook, or the way we talk about food—are especially prescient in this piece, and at the end, you’ll probably be asking the same question Mark poses: “Jesus man, who hurt you?”

This is Mark Spence reading an entry of his blog, Beer is Offal, called “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” Listen in.