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Good Beer Hunting

Jan 16, 2020

Today on GBH Out Loud, you’ll hear Besha Rodell read her House Culture story called “The Pub, the Farm, and the Forest — A Return to Narnia,” published on November 14, 2019. 

Our House Culture series goes beyond beer—it’s a place where we can share stories of critical engagement, and ask readers to look closely at the parts of life that make it worth drinking. In one of our most recent House Culture pieces, we asked Besha, who is a food and culture writer (she currently works for the New York Times reporting on the dining scene in Australia) to write a piece for us. As she shares, sometimes the stories closest to us—the ones about our very identity and the way we interact with the world—are the most challenging, and rewarding, to write. 

Before Besha starts reading, you’ll hear her share how this beautiful essay came together—follow along as she reads by checking out her article at 

This is Besha Rodell reading her article, “The Pub, the Farm, and the Forest — A Return to Narnia.” Listen in.