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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 15, 2018

Welcome to another episode of The Fervent Few podcast. Every few weeks we present you with this bonus episode of the GBH podcast where we chat with members of our subscriber community, The Fervent Few. Members subscribe to GBH like a magazine, making a monthly contribution via Patreon. Members also join us in a forum to talk about a wide range of topics well beyond beer. Each week, we pick one of these topics and present the community’s answers to readers in the form of an article posted to Good Beer Hunting. Learn more at On this episode, we talk to Quinn Thompson a Supply Chain Manager for the Craft Brew Alliance about beer packaging, recycling, and the meaning of the word “infinite.” But first, Michael and I chat about Uppers and Downers Chicago and the events surrounding it, the recent U&D Beer Dinner in Grand Rapids, and Bryan Roth being put in charge of charts at GBH.