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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 23, 2017

Welcome to another episode of The Fervent Few podcast. Every few weeks we present you with this bonus episode of the GBH podcast where we chat with members of our subscriber community. The Fervent Few subscribe to GBH like a magazine making a monthly contribution via Patreon. Members join us in a forum to talk about a wide range of topics that doesn’t just stop at beer. And every week we pick one of these topics and present the community’s answers to readers in the form of an article posted to Good Beer Hunting. You can find out more information by visiting On this episode we talk to Matt who is about to start a new job in Georgia but as luck would have it he has to do training in the suburbs of Chicago. So we talk to him about his trip to the burbs, what his beer buying experiences are like back home, and the best $5 he spends a month. But first Michael and I talk about going to the woods, what’s been going on in the Fervent Few Slack, and how terribly wrong I am about semi-dry ciders.