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Good Beer Hunting

Jul 26, 2017

On this week’s Fervent Few bonus episode, we’re going to get to know some more of our subscribers, a community we started called Fervent Few. These folks subscribe to GBH like a magazine, supporting us financially each month, and as part of there subscriber benefits, they join the GBH team in a community forum where we discuss a wide range of topics, often including professional retailers, brewers, distributors and sales people with expert perspectives. But in the Fervent Few community, everyone has an equal voice, and a respect for others opinions. I’ve been thrilled to see so many genuine and intellectually honest conversations transpire.  Our Fervent Few community is managed by Jim Plachy, and each week he hosts a weekly topic with our members and captures their opinions in a regular column on the site.  We'll ring up a couple Fervent Few members, Kristen Foster a blogger and GBH fan from Boston and Michael Boyer a lawyer from North Carolina who works with a host of craft breweries.