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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 18, 2023

There are many movements throughout the craft beer industry shining a light on the importance of diversity and seeking ways to create more inclusive environments.

One of these movements is Tha CommUNITY, a multi-brew initiative led by April Dove. Since its launch in 2021, April has brewed 11 beers with breweries in and around Charleston, South Carolina, while providing breweries with a blueprint on how to attract Black drinkers to their taprooms.

In this episode, April shares the unlikely story of how Tha CommUNITY got its start. We discuss the challenges of bringing Black people into the craft beer scene. While it's challenging to create a checklist of things to guarantee an inclusive, diverse taproom, April shares her approach to planning releases for her beers, which includes creating a familiar atmosphere for people who haven't set foot in a taproom before. We'll also explore her takeaways from beer school and how the Brewer's Association mentorship program is helping her take Tha CommUNITY to the next level.