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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 28, 2023

In this conversation, we’re talking about hospitality. It’s a bit of an audio-based extension from what Sightlines reporter Kate Bernot has covered on, telling the story of a widening gap that breweries are navigating between those who go wide—trying to find success by flinging beer as far as they want and need to for sales—and those who stay narrow by focusing on their neighborhood, city, and what can sell locally. A theme that runs through it all—whether a company decides to go wide or narrow—is the kind of connection they seek with consumers. What matters to a business? What matters to a customer? And how does it all come together?

To explore these questions, we’re talking with Rosa and John Paradiso, co-owners of Durham, North Carolina’s The Daily Beer Bar, which serves coffee, some food, and has a curated and special tap list of rotating beers. As you’ll hear, the creation of this space had long been a dream for John, and how he and Rosa talk about it will be rooted in themes of hospitality and why this is so important for a small, privately-owned business in today’s drinking landscape. In Durham like so many other fast-growing American cities, people can choose to drink just about whatever they want in plenty of different locations or atmospheres, so why choose The Daily Beer Bar? Why pick a place that’s meant to kind of, sort of, feel like a home?

The answers you hear aren’t likely unique to just Rosa and John, but to many other small business owners across the country. So, together, let’s get a better understanding of how and why hospitality matters in 2023 and the way one beer bar is thinking about it.