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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 14, 2023

Every successful small business owner has to raise the bar if they’re going to compete. And for many, that means raising money, too. In this special episode, we’re talking about a series of articles that has appeared on Good Beer Hunting called “Compound Interest.” The stories written by Jerard Fagerberg are profiles devoted to founders who aligned their growth, fundraising, and community—and who keep their numbers up as they keep craft beer flowing. The stories are told in collaboration with SMBX, a marketplace for issuing and buying small business bonds.

In this episode we bring you a collection of GBH writers, including Jerard, Sightlines reporter Kate Bernot, and publisher Michael Kiser. We’ll talk about the origins of this series, why these stories matter, and the unique people and ideas Jerard has come across as he’s reported for Compound Interest over the past year.

Take a look behind the curtain to learn more about GBH storytelling and finding stories that resonate from business leader to readers and listeners like you.