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Good Beer Hunting

Sep 16, 2023

If you’re an avid watcher of Netflix, you may have caught this episode’s guest on the hit series, Drink Masters, a reality-style competition based in the world of cocktails. LP O’Brien was the inaugural winner of the show, which she joined after years of a successful career in bartending, cocktail creation, and a host of hospitality roles. Her career was objectively already impressive before Netflix came calling, and being named as the “Master” of the show’s title simply added more excitement around her insight, expertise, and passion toward beverages.

In this conversation, you’ll hear LP talk some about how the show impacted her and what she's been up to since, but mostly, you’ll hear us share stories about … stories. And also what it means to say “yes,” “no,” and the power of taking control of your own schedule. Part of this is necessary for LP these days, as she runs a consulting company, LP Drinks, and has partnered with the creation of other businesses, from one focused on wellness and health among hospitality pros to a canned cocktail brand. When we connected, LP had just wrapped a multi-day pop-up event in New York City as part of her company, Bodega Culture, which celebrates the distinctive features and emotional significance these stores hold for people.

It’s hard to define someone as a “rising star” when they’re already held in high regard, but LP is one of the beverage world’s experts you’re sure to see and hear more from in the future. However high her star may be already, there’s still momentum upward, and you’ll get to know her better in this conversation.