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Good Beer Hunting

Sep 2, 2023

Beer is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to be a lifelong learner. From a historical perspective alone, there are thousands of years of brewing to discover and explore. If you ever get bored of that, you can switch to incredible discoveries around yeast and hop varieties. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be had for anyone, and it can be particularly useful by breweries as a way to educate customers and strengthen those relationships in the process.

But how can breweries pass on that information in a fun and compelling way? Beer education consultant LaTreace Harris, also known as The Beery Godmother, believes that in order to stand out, breweries need deliberate and well-crafted beer education programs.

What those programs look like will be as unique as each brewery, but as you'll hear in our conversation, LaTreace walks us through the key components of what she thinks are best practices. We also talk about her series, Beer Fact Fridays, where every week she shares a snippet of beer knowledge on Instagram, and LaTreace shares about her own process for continuing beer education and what she's currently studying.