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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 10, 2023

Whether food or drink, there’s so much that goes into process. That could mean how a brewer combines hops, malt, water, and yeast to get the flavor of a beer just right, or how a chef takes even more ingredients to build a dish with cascading tastes on every bite. In this episode, process and place come together in a unique way from a brewery in Ohio.

Little Fish Brewing Company doesn’t just have a curious head brewer in co-founder Sean White, but also a James Beard Award-nominated executive chef in Becky Clark. And whether through their beer or restaurant menu, you’ll hear in this conversation common themes of appreciation for a place—Athens, Ohio—and process that makes local agriculture a key component of experiencing what Little Fish has to offer. While we start by discussing what it means to explore food and beer pairings, you’ll also hear how and why Becky and Sean care about the process of what they do and how they hope it shows up whenever someone takes a sip of Little Fish beer or a bite of their food.

It’s clear that Becky and Sean think about their home as key to what they’re building at Little Fish, and as you listen to what they share you’ll gain a better understanding of what the brewery and a college town in Ohio may offer you, too.