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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 11, 2023

You’re used to hearing about beer, but in this conversation, we’re pairing that topic with food. Brewpubs and beer-focused bars and restaurants across the country all have their particular takes on menus that incorporate the two. What you’ll hear momentarily shares philosophy and strategy around what people can expect from California’s Fort Point Beer Company, which features full-time culinary director Cecile Macasero.

Cecile has worked at prestigious restaurants recognized with James Beard awards and Michelin stars. He’s organized menus for staff at Google. And as you’ll hear, the things he’s learned elsewhere have helped him conceptualize what food can provide to beer lovers when they visit Fort Point and what it means to create dishes that try to capture the spirit of San Francisco.

Along with Cecile, we’re joined by Dina Dobkin, co-owner and chief brand officer at Fort Point, who sheds additional light on the ideas and processes to create a special on-premise experience for people who visit the brewery to drink and eat.

Together, Cecile and Dina explain why it’s important to have a component of food at a taproom, how their family histories from outside the United States have shaped their own appreciation for food, and how beer and food can find a fun middle ground between what’s interesting and what’s easy to love.