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Good Beer Hunting

Dec 17, 2022

One of my favorite things about hosting this podcast is the chance to meet people and discuss who they are, not just what they do in the world of beer or beverage alcohol. It’s really important for me to showcase the humans who make up these industries, what makes them think, and what makes them special.

In this conversation, our two guests do the heavy lifting to introduce themselves. Their voices and experiences will help guide you to consider what it means to be a black man in beer, an entrepreneur and visionary, and each a better half of a dynamic duo. There’s Joe Mettle, an author and educator, and Roger Apollon Jr., a musician, educator, and co-founder of Four City Brewing Company. Located in New Jersey, both are also the minds behind an educational startup that is helping to launch new ideas and careers.

Together, Joe and Roger started Entrepreneurship and Equity in Brewing, a training program that offers Black, Indigenous, people of color, and other underrepresented people an opportunity to learn the business of beer. Their program was launched with the hope of helping others find greater appreciation for beer, the potential for a new career, and most important, advancement in the beer industry.

In recent years, many organizations, events, and efforts across beer have worked to lift up people long underserved and less seen, and Entrepreneurship and Equity in Brewing—which you’ll also hear referred to as “EEB” in our chat—is another example of grassroots work creating change. I’ll let Joe and Roger take it from here so you can learn what makes them tick and why their work deserves our attention and admiration.