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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 15, 2022

It’s time to talk apples. Or, at least, how apples fit into all the other flavors you might experience when you pop open a bottle or can of hard cider. To help with this journey, we’re chatting with Jasmine Mason and Ashley Johnson, a pair of cider lovers and entrepreneurs behind the Cider Jawns. As to what a “jawn” is exactly we’ll get into during the conversation, and along with some Merriam-Webster definitions, Jasmine and Ashley will share with you insights into what feels exciting to today’s cider drinkers.

For some, it’s finding a kind of hard cider that surprises, whether dry or sweet. For others, it’s about the flavors that can be added on top of an apple base to create something fun or different. But regardless of your level of experience with cider, Jasmine and Ashley will give us a good barometer of what’s working in today’s market and for who, and how they like to use that to guide the way they think about and make cider.

From the jump, it’s easy to hear and understand Ashley and Jasmine’s enthusiasm for cider and how they’re working to carve out a space for themselves and others. And by the end of this conversation, you’ll also know how they hope to take that effort further in the future.