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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 28, 2022

In this episode, we’re talking about dads. Their influence on us, the things they taught or didn’t teach us, and how we do or don’t follow in their footsteps. That’s actually a small part of this conversation with Dave Infante, but perhaps the most surprising and fun piece of it all. Come for the dad talk, stick around for a reflection on alcoholic milk, labor relations, journalism, and more.

It’s an eclectic lineup of topics, but if you’re familiar with Dave, it may not be surprising. As a two-time James Beard Foundation award winner, he’s earned one of the highest recognitions for journalists covering food and beverage. He’s currently a writer-at-large for VinePair and the reporter behind Fingers, an alcohol-focused newsletter that covers the space where booze and culture connect. Dave’s archive of stories spans clickbait on Thrillist about hating IPAs to investigative pieces uncovering the crowdfunding finances of BrewDog.

If there’s something culturally-relevant that’s taken place in beverage alcohol, Dave has likely been on it, and you’ll get the chance to better understand his work and motivations in this conversation. You’ll also get to learn about his dad.