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Good Beer Hunting

Jan 8, 2022

There’s a brewery with a funny name hidden away in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains that’s slowly growing into a local powerhouse. Named after a nearby lake, the beer from Wallenpaupack Brewing Company is good—I can attest to that—but it’s the way this business is setting itself up for the future in the middle of Yuengling Country that caught my eye, and brings owner, Becky Ryman, and head brewer, Logan Ackerley, to your ears.

In this episode, we’re going to hear from Becky and Logan about what it takes to establish a brewery in a place mostly known for transient vacationers, how they build a tap list to smartly incorporate traditional styles and contemporary trends, and what the future holds for a brewery that has rapidly added staff and increased production. This summer, the Wallenpaupack team also celebrated the opening of a second space called “The Wake Zone,” a 6,000-square foot space designed to house interactive indoor golf and sports experiences along with a taproom.

All together, it’s a very modern approach to what it takes to excite drinkers in a taproom, on store shelves, and ensure ongoing success. This conversation is a great timestamp for this business and what it takes to succeed in beer, and I hope it also offers a better understanding of what Wallenpaupack represents outside a funny-sounding name for those not in the know.