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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 20, 2021

In today’s alcohol marketplace, it’s all about the pivot. You better be able to change on a dime when it comes to what you make, where your brands are sold, and how you think about growth. But well before the COVID-19 pandemic brought all these things into focus, Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company created its own reinvention, turning itself from a company making a sport-focused, protein-enriched beer in 2015 to one of the most successful Hazy IPA producers in the country by 2018.

The beer that's gotten them to this point is Cloud Candy New England-Style IPA, which this year has made as much in chain retail stores as the iconic Pliny the Elder from Russian River Brewing. The meteoric rise of Cloud Candy is the impetus to talk with co-founder Naveen Pawar and Adam Leibowitz, director of sales and marketing, and you’ll hear the story of bringing it to life and what it means to complete with a New England-style IPA in New England, where hop heads reign supreme. Along the way you’ll get to hear about what it means to be among the fastest-growing breweries in the country, and how to try and not be seen as a one-hit wonder.

Cloud Candy may have put Mighty Squirrel on the radar for many beer lovers—it certainly did for me—but what you’ll hear from Naveen and Adam give broader context to what it means to be a company making beer in 2021, and the importance of always evolving for yourself, your staff, and the people who sell and buy your beer. And if you haven’t yet heard of Mighty Squirrel, know it won’t be long until this rapidly-growing business catches the eye and taste buds of beer drinkers across the Northeast.