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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 6, 2021

In this episode we’re going to chat about the present and look back in time. You’re going to get to meet Cortni McKenzie, an aspiring beverage alcohol professional who got a taste of what it’ll take to excel in the industry this past summer and continues to put in the work to establish herself this fall and beyond.

Earlier this year, Cortni was part of the Many Faces Initiative, a North Carolina-based internship program that provided mentorship and immersive training for people of color interested in pursuing careers in beer and other alcohol categories. The program was started by Town Brewing and included four other businesses, each with their own intern. After a ten-week period at Charlotte's GoodRoad CiderWorks, Cortni continues to work there and has also launched her own business called Cortly Crafted, meant to help people and businesses find unique drinks and drink experiences. In this conversation you’ll hear Cortni share stories about her experience entering the beverage alcohol workforce and a capstone project where she created pop-up shops that offered new ways to create more inclusive events for people of all backgrounds and interests.

One of the special things about hosting the Good Beer Hunting podcast is an ability to meet new people and hear about how their experiences shape what’s happening in real time in alcohol industries. Cortni is part of that change, and when you meet her, you get an important perspective that reminds us of the excitement that comes with creating something new.