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Good Beer Hunting

Jul 17, 2021

While I cover the beer and beverage alcohol industries, I started from a simple place as an enthusiast. I was excited to drink different beers, then it was fun to homebrew, and eventually write about all those experiences. But for many people - perhaps most - beer is just beer. I can't tell you how many times I've had discussions with friends and family who ask about "beer flavored beer," and they're in the majority.

So, what does it mean if we get the chance to share that passion and educate others? What kind of difference does that make for them, us, and the beer industry as a whole? In this conversation, Shawna Cormier and Jess Keller Poole give us some ideas and answers. The pair are the founders of Seattle Beer School, an events and education company, as well as long-time hospitality professionals, certified experts, and more. Perhaps above all else, they're passionate about beer and what it means to people. That enthusiasm is likely to rub off as you hear them describe why it's important to share that love, how you can talk to people to get them excited about beer, and how all this may be more important than ever as the industry works to become a more welcoming and inclusive space for all.

Whether we realize it or not, beer connects to many aspects of our lives outside a bar or taproom, and Shawna and Jess offer all of us an important way to explore what that means through history, appreciation, and enthusiasm.