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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 6, 2021

What does it take to succeed in one of the country’s most competitive markets for craft beer? That’s at the core of this conversation with Sam Pecoraro and Tom Cook of Portland, Oregon’s Von Ebert Brewing. As founder of the brewery, Tom has become acutely aware of changes necessary for his business, which has included a rush to get beer into cans, and then get those cans into grocery stores as more drinkers have shifted purchase behavior to chain retail due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sam, head brewer for the company, has a lot to live up to—and that’s from his own doing and the skill of his team. Von Ebert has been recognized numerous times in the last two years for their innovation and specific beers, including a medal at the Great American Beer Festival for their Nothing Noble IPA, a challenging feat in the most-entered category at the annual competition.

All of these things come into play for how Sam and Tom see their business now and in the future, and in our conversation you’ll learn how they’re using the things that they’re learning now to make sure they can continue to be a mainstay in Portland. And as you stick around, you’ll hear us banter about whether that future includes a comeback for English Mild, a malt-forward, low-ABV beer that is far more at home in the drinking culture of the U.K. than with the hop-mad IPA drinkers of the U.S.

How can a business compete in a beer-loving city? What’s the next style we could be drinking in bars and taprooms? Answers are coming.