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Good Beer Hunting

Mar 20, 2021

Every brewery has a story, and along with the beer they brew, their narrative is what helps to set them apart. A great story can captivate and connect with consumers, and help build brand loyalty—something any business owner would love to have.

And when a couple opens a brewery together, there’s a good chance their love story will become a foundational part of the business’s identity. That was certainly true for Sara and Sam Kazmer, owners of Elsewhere Brewing Co. in Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood.

Their incredible, Lifetime-esque love story starts across the world, in a bar in Italy. Before they started out on their brewery venture, Sara suggested the couple travel the world, collecting experiences and knowledge that would later build out the story of Elsewhere, and influence their beer program, food menu, and the vibe of their brewery.

In our conversation, we’ll talk about how intentional Sara was with creating the story of Elsewhere. Sara shares how she wanted Elsewhere to stray away from the traditional industrial feel of other breweries to create a space that felt inviting to women and men alike. We’ll discuss the amount of detail that went into designing Elsewhere, from the handmade tiling to the plants decorating the space.

We’ll also cover the difficulties of opening and operating a brewery in the middle of a pandemic, how Sara’s experience working in taprooms helped prepare her for it, and insights into the craft beer scene in Atlanta. Keep an ear out, too, as Sara shares her plans for the brewery’s future post pandemic.