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Good Beer Hunting

Jan 23, 2021

Have we said “pivot” enough lately? What about “omnichannel,” or “innovation”? These words were all thrown around with abandon in 2020, as COVID-19 changed the way we interacted with and bought beer, and dramatically impacted how our favorite breweries did business.

In this conversation, we’re talking with Kelly Moritz about how Minnesota’s Indeed Brewing Company has done some version of all these things, and how it impacted her as she stepped into the role of chief operating officer amidst the pivoting and innovating that was demanded of so many of us last year. Kelly has been with the brewery since 2014 and spent most of her time there coordinating and managing Indeed’s marketing. She’s now overseeing something of an evolution for the company, which is exploring non-beer products like CBD seltzer and hard kombucha.

Starting a new job while your company is moving in different directions—and as you’re trying to figure out how to talk to new and old customers alike—feels like a rather 2020 storyline. But as 2021 unfolds, you’ll hear from Kelly about how she’s considering the successes of last year to help guide the Indeed team in the year to come. You’ll also hear about how her background as a writer and communicator is helping her through all of this.

What’s next for Indeed as it becomes as much a beverage company as a brewery? Let’s find out.

This is Kelly Moritz of Indeed Brewing Company. Listen in.