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Good Beer Hunting

Nov 21, 2020

I’ve known one of today’s guests for a good few years. Susanna Forbes and I first met as drinks journalists at countless events around London. Back then, she was known as one of the hardest-working journalists out there, with plenty of awards and respect as evidence. So I had no idea that all along she had been planning to give up journalism for good. In this episode you’ll hear the full story of how she and husband James upped sticks and moved to Hereford in pursuit of their passion—cider making.

Under the name of Little Pomona Cider, they’ve quickly established themselves as one of the best producers in the country, making beautifully balanced ciders, perries, and other exciting fruit ferments using only wild yeasts and juice. That’s led to investment that bought them a huge new site on the same land as hop grower Brook House, where they hope to grow organically but with ambition—as long as nature and opportunity allow.

Along the way we look at the challenges of being a journalist-turned-producer, the battle that cider fights to be taken seriously and as independent from the beer scene, and the fact that cider really has a lot more in common with wine, and should be treated as such. We also go into the history of some of the culture, methods, and ingredients that make Hereford such a special cider region—a story that Susanna is very well equipped to tell, thanks to her former profession.

This is Susanna and James Forbes of Little Pomona Cider. Listen in.