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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 17, 2020

It’s really easy these days to think about the things that we’ve lost, whether it’s time with friends and family or the ability to exist in public spaces, whether we’d want to, or not. We are stuck at home, coexisting in our self-selected pods of people we can continue to see, but literally and figuratively, the world is more closed for us.

But that’s just one side of this coin. Granted, it’s digitally, but there are more opportunities to connect than ever, and even as news, politics, or our climate tries to defy our inner optimism, there is still hope. And it’s up to us to share that with others, and inspire them in any way we can.

There is an undeniable brightness that Eugenia Brown brings to the world of beer. She is upbeat, energetic, social, and perhaps best of all: hopeful. Through her organization and brand of Black Beer Chick, she’s working to celebrate, empower, and connect people who share a love of beer. Especially communities long ignored by a very white, very male U.S. craft beer industry. She is a black woman creating change, making a lot of friends, and embracing her growing role as someone many are looking up to.

You may have heard her name or social media handle in recent months as she launched a project known as the “Road to 100,” which is helping 100 women of color work toward certification in the Cicerone program, beer’s equivalent to wine’s sommelier program.

In our conversation, you’ll hear Eugenia talk about her own road to where she finds herself today. Once fearful of playing imposter in a community of beer professionals and fans, her trajectory has taken her about as far from that as possible. She’s empowering others, whether that’s from her home in Charlotte, North Carolina, or virtually with friends and fans all over the country.

Eugenia carries light and love wherever she goes, and maybe her source of hope will inspire you, too.

This is Eugenia Brown of Black Beer Check. Listen in.