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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 12, 2020

Today’s guest is a revisit with one of my favorite people. Collin McDonnell of Henhouse Brewing in Northern California.

It’s a bit of a long one, and if you follow GBH closely you probably already understand the nature of my admiration for Collin and the focus of our conversations—so I won’t belabor the intro here.

In short, we’re both business owners who often commiserate, support, and draw out of each other some of the more vulnerable and anxious parts of doing what we do. And our hopes for things being better than they are—whether that’s quality and freshness, culture and social justice, and the role that work, beer, and people play in our lives.

The context for today’s chat, of course, is the particular 2020 Collin and his team are facing—the pandemic, the fires, the weariness of it all—but that’s not to say this is bleak. At least, not to me. I find a certain hope against hope anytime I talk to Collin—and this was no different.