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Good Beer Hunting

Apr 18, 2020

Today’s guest comes to us from far northern Vermont. Eleanor is a cider maker, first known for her ice ciders, made using a process of distillation that profits from natural swings in seasonal temperatures to produce a concentrated, sweet, and acid-balanced cider. Ice cider is often thought of as a dessert wine in the U.S., but so easily replaces a bourbon or whiskey.

In her region, just south of the Canadian border (and Quebec’s concentration of ice cider makers), Eleanor’s operation is a rare and special thing. But as climate change continues to alter seasonal norms, she’s becoming increasingly known for the wide range of specialty ciders she makes, some of which count among the best in the country.

She’s an active proponent of the specialty cider category, working with others in the industry to help educate makers, drinkers, and people like me. As you’ll hear in this conversation, there is no shortage of challenges in the cider industry at the moment. But with people like Eleanor leading the way, it’s encouraging to see the progress being made.

This is Eleanor Léger of Eden Specialty Ciders. Listen in.