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Good Beer Hunting

Sep 21, 2019

Today’s episode is a bit of an ensemble cast. With the limited time I had in Austin, Texas, I wanted to get some quick and clear perspective on the city’s scene, both past and present. To that end, I collected a few fast friends along the way, and gathered them all at Pinthouse Pizza, one of the city’s more contemporary craft brewers.

A recent legislative session saw some massive changes to Texas’ beer laws make it through intact, much to the shock of some Guild members and beer fans. With a couple weeks to go before the beer-to-go laws go into effect, it was the perfect time to host this roundtable of sorts.

We have John Gross of the Alamo Drafthouse; Jordan Rail, director of sales for Lake Austin Ales; Grant Weckerly, head of marketing at Pinthouse Pizza; and Jacob Passey, head brewer of Pinthouse Pizza.

We grabbed a picnic table and some mics—all hand-held by me for the duration, so forgive a little of my shuffling and the background noise on this one. Special thanks to our sound engineer Jordan Stalling for making this a decent listen.

This is the Good Beer Hunting podcast. Listen in.