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Good Beer Hunting

Aug 12, 2016

This is going to be another deep dive into the world of brewing malts. We previously chatted with a micro maltster, Troubadour, in Fort Collins. That gave us some insight into the niche world of specialty craft malts. But today's guest covers a much wider spread.  She’s Sara Hagerty of Malteurop's U.S. division. She has an incredible technical background in biology, chemistry, yeast, and now, malt sales. It’s an interesting role, working across so many different kinds of breweries in a large region of the U.S., trying to meet their needs with barley malt. And in her time with Malteurop, she’s seen the company adapt to fit the rapidly changing needs of craft brewers after so many years of providing for the largest brewers in the world. It’s quite a different beast.  I met Sara at the Hopleaf recently, and within minutes of talking about her job, I knew, or at least hoped, that we’d get her in to the studio for a podcast interview so that I could share her insight and experience with you all. Thankfully, her insane travel schedule lined up with my own, and we found an hour to dig in.