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Good Beer Hunting

May 14, 2016

Today’s guest is one of those people that many industry folks know and love. As for the drinkers, well, depending on who you rub elbows with online, it's quite possible you've encountered Lisa Zimmer on Twitter from time to time.  She has a beer job that only exists at a large brewery. At one time, it was called "digital and consumer outreach specialist.” But her influence is so much broader than the title implies.  In Chicago, she’s known as the woman who started the Brewers Unleashed series where brewers from across the MillerCoors family come together downtown to share some of their latest and most interesting beers. She’s used that event as a way to bring together beer geeks, brewers, and other professionals for a good time.  She’s known as one of the most visible personalities on “beer twitter,” where she converses with colleagues and competitors, makes fun of the more absurd parts of beer culture, and generally tries to keep everybody looking up in a place where it’s just so damn easy to get down.  In larger industry circles, she’s known as an innovator for the unique ways she’s helped shape the culture at Tenth & Blake, MillerCoors import and craft division. She has a key role there, helping the team stay connected and engaged in beer through education, hands-on home brewing challenges, and ensuring they get out into the world and experience the ruckus of craft beer first hand. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a number of folks that Lisa has brought in to the beer-loving fold.  Finally, in 2014 Lisa was named one of 26 innovators making a difference in beer by All About Beer magazine, alongside people like Ray Daniels of Cicerone, Mariah Calagione of Dogfishhead, and Bob Pease, who is now President of the Brewers Association.  So while Lisa has been a friend for some time now, we had yet to dig in and record an interview. As she transitions from her current role at Tenth & Blake to a new one at MillerCoors, this seemed like the perfect time to look back on a greta start in a new industry for her, and what she’ll be up to next.