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Good Beer Hunting

Sep 29, 2023

There’s a certain magic to baseball, filled with myths, heroes, and the power to make people feel that anything is possible. It’s no wonder it’s called America’s greatest pastime, or why players like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Mickey Mantle are household names, familiar even to those who don’t closely follow the sport. But sometimes it’s those off the field who are the myth makers, the legend builders, and the magicians keeping our hearts aligned to the game, which is, of course, much more than just a game. 

For his first feature in several years, Bryan Roth, Good Beer Hunting’s managing editor, news editor and podcast co-host, pens a sprawling account of Eno Sarris, the iconic writer and baseball analyst known for his sharp statistical study as well as his unflagging optimism and convivial attitude, punctuated often with a smile and a laugh. Bryan spoke to around a dozen sources for the piece, each clamoring to sing Sarris’ praises as both a gifted analyst and profoundly pleasant human being. 

With so many people eager to chime in with so many nice things to say, I wondered—do people love the person, or the personality? Turns out, they are one and the same, and it’s that very lack of pretension that has endeared Sarris to the hearts of readers and listeners around the world. (Plus, he drinks beer. What’s not to like?) 

In this episode, we’ll talk about both baseball and beer, how Sarris has unequivocally changed both for the better, and how our personal connections to the sport and the beverage continue to inform, surprise, and delight. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, this is a story about hope and how positivity maybe can change the world.