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Good Beer Hunting

Aug 16, 2023

At what point do creative pursuits become exercises in futility? When does the lack of success become failure, and when does it serve as a reminder in the value of pursuing a breakthrough? How can we look to the Earth as a guide towards unpredictability—and what does beer have to do with any of this?

In his piece titled “From the Pores of Earth—The Impractical Alchemy of Stone Fermentation,” a story published as part of our Mother of Invention series in collaboration with Guinness, writer Jerard Fagerberg explores the short-lived trend of stone fermentation. He speaks with several brewers who participate in the obscure and wildly labor intensive practice to find out not only how, but why they pursue an ancient method in contemporary times. In our conversation, you’ll hear even more about when and why he pursued this story—not just to shine a light on a relatively odd way of brewing, but his journey through the story and whether or not his curiosity was ultimately satisfied through the process. 

Humans don’t tend to spend a lot of time exploring minerality as a flavor. But those who do remain very passionate about it, and at the very least, it’s a sensation worth being aware of. The Earth gives us a lot to be thankful for, and I, for one, am grateful for the chance to understand her, even just a little bit more. Let’s hear from Jerard, right now.