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Good Beer Hunting

Jul 19, 2023

When it comes to alcohol in Tennessee, whiskey is king. But craft beer is slowly starting to become part of the state’s identity, and in Chattanooga, the brewing scene is finally coming into its own. In his first piece for Good Beer Hunting, writer Drew Pitt, a Chattanooga transplant by way of Los Angeles, explores the history, legacy, and challenges beer has faced in the city and gives us a glimpse towards the future. 

Drew’s piece, titled “Rebirth and Reinvention — As Chattanooga Grows and Changes, Local Beer Follows Along,” started as an idea for our Gas Station Week series, but eventually transformed into an insider’s look at a new and exciting brewing scene in southern Tennessee. We talk about how Tennessee isn’t exactly positioning itself as a welcoming state for people, especially the queer community, but why he believes Chattanooga can act as a beacon of acceptance, using beer as a conduit for connection. Bars and breweries have often been historically safe spaces for people oppressed by intolerance, and Drew hopes his home continues to innovate and include everyone who crosses into the state.