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Good Beer Hunting

Jun 29, 2023

The phrase “sober curious” is picking up steam in beverage alcohol circles—perhaps most notably in the craft beer industry. More non-alcoholic products, sober events, and shared conversations regarding our collective consumption habits are taking place than ever before, but a stigma remains. If you’re not drinking, why are you even in a beer space to begin with?

That’s exactly what today’s conversation is about. I’m joined by writers Jerard Fagerberg and Mark LaFaro to discuss Jerard’s sober-curious column “Let Go or Get Dragged” and Mark’s recent piece on Good Beer Hunting titled “Tapped Out — The Problematic Culture of Overdrinking in the Alcoholic Beverage Industry.” Neither writer shies away from sharing personal, sometimes very raw experiences with alcohol consumption, in an attempt to destigmatize moderation and sobriety as well as provide resources for those interested in cutting back. 

This episode is part of a series exploring both personal and cultural shifts regarding alcohol, where we discuss the evolving vocabulary around sobriety—or steps towards it—and unpack the core reasons why people congregate around beer in the first place. As someone who still works behind the bar, Mark reveals some ugly truths about what breweries expect from consumers (spoiler alert: It’s not always in the individuals’ best interest), as well as where they both find support in a sometimes judgemental landscape. You never have to explain why you’re not drinking, or even drinking less, but whether you’re curious about minimizing or eliminating alcohol from your diet, listening to those who have been through it before is a great foundation on where you can begin.