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Good Beer Hunting

Mar 15, 2023

Everybody loves bubbles. What’s not to love? They’re fun, they pop, and they taste amazing—especially in drinks like Champagne, or what the French writer Voltaire called “the most glorious expression” of French civilization. In her first piece for Good Beer Hunting, writer and wine enthusiast Rachel Hendry explores Champagne’s history as a status symbol as well as its influence on other beverages—specifically, beer.

That piece, titled “Traditional Method — Exploring Champagne’s Influence on the Brewing Industry,” was published on January 4, 2023 and covers 500 years of history, evolution, and the ongoing significance of the luxurious beverage, one that some beer makers (you’ll find out who) believe they can outshine. I’m not sure that’s the case, and neither is Rachel. 

In our conversation today, she’ll reveal when and why she decided to pursue writing about the opulent world of Champagne and how her original idea transformed into a sprawling exploration of the celebratory bubbly. We’ll hear about when Champagne went from still to sparkling, how a demand for wartime wood changed the structural integrity of glass bottles—which helped stabilize Champagne’s volatility—and what fascinates her about the wine, which remains out of reach for the average person on an average day. We go from high to low, beer to wine, and beyond. Take a walk on the sparkling side with us, right now.