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Good Beer Hunting

Feb 22, 2023

Climate change. Drought. Lack of clean water. We hear about these issues all the time, but how much do we see them? Do we feel them? And are we really doing anything about them?

In her latest piece for Good Beer Hunting, Mexico City-based freelance writer Chelsea Carrick talks about some of these problems; specifically, how they are affecting the beer industry in Mexico in real time. That piece, titled “Waiting for the Rain — How Drought in Northern Mexico Impacts the Country’s Beer Industry,” which was published on January 12, 2023, explores the historical inequity of water access between the United States and Mexico, how the water-intensive beer industry contributes to economic instability, and how shifting the issue from North to South might not have the favorable results the country’s president hopes for. 

In today’s conversation, Chelsea and I talk about the evolution of her piece, as well as what we can do as consumers to limit the destructive aspects of food and drink production as a whole. As individuals, climate change can feel insurmountable. But we shouldn’t, and can’t, ignore the environmental injustices that will affect us all at one point or another, no matter how far we bury our heads in the sand. Protecting the Earth is everyone’s problem, and everyone’s responsibility. Let’s hear about the balances she’s made and the choices we’ll all face.