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Good Beer Hunting

Oct 19, 2022

Lager might be having a moment, but as a whole, craft beer drinkers don’t always reach for the easiest beer on the menu. Instead, the newest, most intense, biggest beers on the block tend to get the most attention. But sometimes—often—the best beer is actually the familiar one, the favorite, the old reliable. Sometimes, it’s Narragansett. 

In his story “Hi, Neighbor — Narragansett Lager’s Return to Ubiquity,” writer Matt Osgood manages to tie the Red Sox, the movie “Jaws,” and the iconic ’Gansett Lager into one historical romp through the brewery’s origins, influence, evolution, and impact on today’s craft beer culture. As you listen, we’ll talk about why he tends to write about singular beers and breweries through a historical lens, what he wished he could have explored more in his piece, and why this story couldn’t have happened anywhere but New England. We’ll also unpack how Narragansett manages to balance nostalgia with modern-day beer culture, and why this unassuming “hipster” beer is enjoyed by everyone. 

Beer doesn’t have to be a challenge to drink, and today’s conversation is as easy as popping open a cold Ganny and crushing it like Quint. Don’t get the reference?